Here are some of the drummers whose style I like and who influenced me in various ways.
They're listed in the order as I got to know them.

Scott TravisScott Travis, drummer of the legendary Judas Priest, became my very first drumming idol sometime in the early nineties. I remember how stunned I was upon hearing Scott's thundering intro to the cult album Painkiller. I consider this intro and the whole album as one of the crucial milestones in the history of metal music. The energy Scott unleashed on this record gets me every time, even 20 years after being released. Apart from solid, thundering beats, Scott has also been influential for his visual performance during live shows.

Uli KuschAnother musician who sparked my interest in drums was Uli Küsch, then drummer of German band Gamma Ray. His powerful and creative performance on the album Sigh No More makes it one of my most favourite metal records of all time. Apart from his drumming, I also enjoy some of the song which Uli Kusch wrote while being member of Helloween.

Jörg MichaelJörg Michael, another drummer from Germany, has been my favourite since the debut of the power metal band Headhunter. Jörg is famous for his incredibly fast and explosive playing which doesn't seem to make him tired during live shows. Listening to his drumming is like listening to thundering machine gun.

Thomas LangThomas Lang is one of the most exciting characters among contemporary drummers, one who constantly pushes forward the boundaries and brings fresh approaches to playing drums. His perfectionism and inventive mind are very inspiring and encourage me to learn new things. His (often humorous) attitude to training proves that even boring practicing can be enjoyable and funny.

Matt RitterMatt Ritter is a professional drummer and drum teacher from New York City. He is not known for playing in a famous band or for a solo carrer as a musician. In fact, his name won't probably tell anything to most drummers. What makes him so influential is the bass drum technique he put together after years of study. His instructional DVD called "Unburying the Beater" explains this technique great detail. I highly recommend it!

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