VictorI started with drumming at the age of 15 without actually having a single drum or even a real pair of drumsticks. Back then, I've used all kinds of house equipment as substitutes for various drum kit parts and it used to be quite fun. It took me almost a year until I got my hands on an old & quite poor drum kit which had indeed been the best kit ever in my eyes.

The first band I played for was called Trojan Warrior. I've founded it in 1993 along with an old friend who played the guitar. The style which inspired us at first was German melodic speed metal. This band lasted two years after which we've transformed it into a gothic/doom metal act called Galadriel. Between years 1995 and 2003, I've recorded one demo tape and four studio albums with this band as a member and later one more as a session drummer. This band is still active today, albeit I no longer play for it. More on my work with Galadriel can be found in Discography section.

VictorDuring my times with Galadriel, I also played for few other metal bands. The one I used to spend the most time with was called Lucretia. In 1997, I've recorded a full-length album called Natural Power with this band. However, the potential major record company decided to cancel our mutual deal and the album has never been released. My other bands from that period, In The Web and Special Guest, did not survive until today and left no recordings behind them.

In 2005, I've temporarily suspended my drumming for almost two years, but started to practice again in winter 2006. Shortly after that, I've accepted two offers which did speed up my full return behind the drumset. The first offer was to record upcoming studio album for my former band Galadriel and the second to join a popular local underground band called Karpina. It was during that period when I started to use the open-handed drumming style.

In 2010, I've founded a brand new heavy metal band called Revoltage. It took more than a year to complete a stable line-up, but now we're finally busy writing our own songs and preparing for live gigs in 2012.

At the present time, I'm a permanent member of the bands Revoltage and Karpina. Occasionally, I also perform live with an old punk-rock band Mlade Rozlety.

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"Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can."
Danny Kaye
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